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Registering at

Registering for a Dove Channel account is easy!

Here's how:

On your Apple, Android or Roku device: 

After downloading the app on your device, simply open the app, click "Sign Up" then follow the prompts to complete your registration! 

On the web: 

Please visit our website at 

Once you arrive at the homepage, look for the "Login / Sign up" link in the upper right hand of the page and click on it. 


After you click on the link you will see a box that looks like this:



You can create a registered user account by clicking on the "Create An Account" button.  You can also login using your Facebook account information by clicking on the "Log In with Facebook" button.



Click on the "Sign Up" button once you have entered your information.  You will then be directed to the Dove Channel website where you can begin watching our non-members content right away! 

You will also receive a confirmation email that your Dove Channel account is active.

NOTE* Unless you upgrade to the premium account, you will only have access to our free content, supported by ads. Free registered accounts do not begin your 30-day free trial. For more information on how to upgrade, click here

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    Kirby lann taylor the third

    Your fuckin app sucks on Vizio because I guy fucking rude by delete my name off of dove Channel and by you me off ur app was fuckin rude but I had a strange message saying in me email that I was stealing the dovechannel you guys are so fun we uirr44 rude I do not want to deal with you any more by u pulling me you guys accuses me of stealing the dovechannel you we are 4tt2 in

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