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Approved: 0-2 in any category  


0: none
1: on-screen acts of romance
2: infidelity; implied pre-marital sex or secondary lead characters with consequences
3: inappropriate sexual relations without consequences
4-5: graphic sexual activity is heard and/or seen


0: none
1: few utterances of mild crude language
2: few utterances of mild obscenity
3: crude and obscene language used throughout the story
4-5: any Biblical profanity (GD, Jesus, Jesus Christ) and any uses of gross sexual language


0: none
1: mild non-graphic violence or comic violence; characters involved in mildly violent situations
2: non-gratuitous violence involving fighting or weapons
3: gratuitous violence involving weapons such as guns, knives, bombs, etc.
4-5: extreme graphic violence, humans are killed in a bloody way, decapitation, bludgeoning, etc.


0: none
1: occasional drinking by secondary characters (i.e., man in bar)
2: historically accurate use of alcohol and tobacco products
3: continuous drinking and drug use common throughout
4-5: drug/alcohol used many times by main character(s) shown in a positive light


0: none
1: baby's behind; shirtless men, low cut shirts, short skirts seen occasionally on women
2: rear nudity that is not suggestive such as skinny dipping from a distance; cleavage
3: sexually suggestive and revealing clothing or underwear is common throughout
4-5: frontal nudity

Other: Lead characters that exhibit disrespect for authority, lying, cheating, stealing, illegal activity, witchcraft or sorcery

0: none
1: mild-moderate with consequences
2: moderate poor behavior
3: moderate-heavy behavior with no consequences
4-5: extreme portrayals, condoned or excused


Below you can see an example of a Dove Channel Severity of Content meter for a title.


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