Using the Dove Channel Customization Tool

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Members have access to Dove Channel's unique customization tool that allows you to personalize your viewing experience.

Choose your Dove Channel ratings and safe-guard settings to create a list of your very own preferred titles and find something for everyone to watch!

The Dove Channel Customization Tool consists of two sections that will allow you to create the viewing experience you desire.  

Dove Channel Seal Ratings

The first section allows you to specify which titles you prefer by Dove Channel seal rating.  There are three Dove Channel rating seals you can select. Any combination of the three seals will work.  Simply click on the Dove Channel seal to select it.



Severity of Content Meters

The second section of the Dove Channel Customization Tool allows you to filter your preferred titles by the severity of their content.  There are six content categories you can adjust in this section: Sexuality, Language, Violence, Drugs, Nudity and Other.

Click and drag the sliders for each content category to adjust them to your preferred levels.


There are also a few other features that can be helpful when adjusting or checking your settings.  You can click the "Reset All to Default" link, which will automatically reset all of your content level meters to the default settings.


You can also get quick access to a breakdown of the Dove Channel severity content level rating descriptions by clicking the "Rating Descriptions" link.


The customization settings you select will be applied to all of the titles on Dove Channel, marking all titles that fit your settings with a green star in the top left of the title's banner.  The titles you see marked with a green star are your preferred titles.


Make sure to hit the "Save" button at the bottom of the section to retain all your customizing!

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    Gerardo Alvarez

    Excellent! keep it safe for the whole family


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