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We are striving hard to limit the volume of ads during feature presentations and only deliver ads that are relevant to our community.

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    Dana Johnson

    I love having clean programs but was shocked by a commercial you had on your channel.  So were my grandchildren.  It was the first time we had ever watched your channel and I had gone to the kitchen.  I heard my daughter and her two children acting totally shocked and walked into the living room.  I asked what was wrong.  My daughter said, "Did you hear this commercial?". I told her I hadn't heard it.  She said it started with a woman talking brazenly about her vagina."  They asked me what I was watching like I had on some channel with dirty programs.  I said, "This is supposedly a channel with good wholesome programs.  I guess they don't care about their sickening commercials.". I was very disappointed.

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    Conrad Choyce

    I thought a subscription was adv free.

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